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With annual visitor arrivals now reaching the 10 million mark, Thailand is clearly firmly established as one of the world’s favourite destinations for both long-haul travellers and regional tourists. Past success, however, is no guarantee of continued popularity and the Kingdom’s touism industry is committed to ever improving the product in order to ensure future growth. That commitment was recently reinforced when the nation’s Prime Minister personally headed a tourism workshop aimed at boosting the industry’s potential.

Perhaps more than any other travel destination, Thailand is blessed with both scenic and cultural attractions so rich and varied that vacation and touring possibilities are virtually limitless whatever the preference.

All countries are different but some are more different than others. Thailand, arguably the most rewarding of all Southeast Asian destinations is uniquely itself.


Throughout more than 700 years of independence, the Thai Kingdom has displayed an amazing continuity, preserving its heritage to the extent that enduring traditions exemplify a quintessential "Thainess" which indelibly colours the Kingdom and gives the sense of somewhere that is different. At the same time, Thailand enters the 21st century as a dynamic modern nation, happily embracing all that is new.

Such a fortunate marriage of the old and the new, of defining traditions and high-tech innovations, makes Thailand so rewarding. Here is not only a truly multi-faceted destination of enormous cultural and topographical diversity, but also all the modern advantages to ensure the most pleasurable travel experience. From exclusive service to superior opportunities for sightseeing, accommodation, dining and shopping, the visitor will find plenty to appreciate.

Variety is truly the spice of life in Thailand. From the golden-spired temples of Bangkok to the majestic ruins of ancient capitals, from the tranquil charm of rural towns to the excitement of tropical beach resorts, there is no shortage of choice. Even for repeat visitors there is always something fresh to discover.

Not only is there the choice of attractions, vacationers can also chose the style of holiday in Thailand. A stay at the beach, for example, can be an idyllic escape amid the tranquil surroundings of a remote island, or the party scene of, say Ko Samui's famous stretches of sand where the action doesn't stop after sundown. Or if Culture is the draw, numerous historical locations, several of them now listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Offer intriguing windows onto the past. Alternatively; the Kingdom's more than 60 national parks and 32 wildlife sanctuaries allow nature lovers every opportunity to explore a wealth of tropical flora and fauna.

Shopping and dining, among other travel pleasures, are further ingredients in Thailand's classic travel recipe. Both have vastly expanded their possibilities in recent years, shopping, moving from handicrafts and ethnic products to top-of-the-line designer fashions and other luxury buy. Eating out, too, is increasingly a travel excursion in itself, with "Thailand's justly famed cuisine joined by virtually every other national culinary art worthy of the name.

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Supporting the essential tourism product is an infrastructure that is comprehensive and of true international standard. Most especially, Thailand can claim some of the finest hotel accommodation in the world and, indeed, some visitors come just to relax and enjoy the luxury of famous city hotels or exclusive resorts.

In Bangkok, the traveller has a superb selection of hotels in all categories; some are opulent, many are luxurious, all are comfortable. While price is naturally one deciding factor in selecting a hotel, location is also a consideration and Bangkok's leading deluxe properties offer variety in their rooms with a view.

For example, guests may prefer a garden setting which provides a green oasis within the city, or they may want to position themselves in the heart of the business, shopping and entertainment districts. Alternatively, may opt to stay on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok's historic focal point which today has been revitalised with the building of several new luxury hotels.

World-class hotels are not a monopoly of Bangkok and many fine properties are to be found in Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Cha-am, Hua Hin and a number of other beach and inland resorts.

Even off the beaters track, every town of moderate size or larger has at least one hotel offer-in a first-class accommodation, inexpensive but comfortable guesthouses are also widely available.

Leading hotels in the main cities and resorts provide far more than comfortable accommodation. Fine restaurants offering Thai, seafood andvarious other culinary specialities are noted features. For the travelling executive there are business centres wall full office services and all modern-international communication links. Sports facilities at most deluxe hotels include fitness centres, while more and more properties are now adding; health spas to their amenities.

Hotels in 'Thailand are indeed much more than just a comfortable night's rest and guests experience standards of accommodation, convenience and, especially, service that are largely unmatched elsewhere.

Most of all, what keeps Thailand vibrant as that its exceptional tourism product is riot static. It would be so easy to rest on past laurels and survive on a well established reputation, but instead the industry constantly seeks to refine and acid to the options, while national development in general is making tremendous advances.

Take Bangkok for example. Same two decade ago it was deemed to have the worst traffic congestion of any city of comparable size in the world. Today it has a vastly expanded system of expressways and an elevated mass transit system that has revolutionised how the city is experienced. And shortly a subway system will open to add even greater ease in cross-town travel. These may not be total solutions, but at least Bangkok traffic is not the nightmare it once was. Getting into town from the airport, for example, is a matter of minutes not the hours it used to be.

Bangkok is also a much greener city than it was and several new parks have opened in all parts of the city, while streets and roadway medians have in. the last few years been planted with more greenery than at any other time in Bangkok's modern history. In all respects the Thai capital is a much more user friendly place than it was just five years ago.

Paralleling the change in Bangkok's latter-day development has been considerable innovation and greater sophistication in the type of travel experience. A few years ago the options relied on the given basic scenic and cultural context and vacations were essentially passive - lazing on a beach, touring the hill country of the North or ambling around ancient rums, Now, the variety of ,things to do has been vastly expanded in a very active, hands-on approach with the growth of eco-tourism, adventure travel, sports and special interest holidays.

The development of more creative travel options means that: Thailand is well suited to repeat business. So much is available that it is 'impossible to see and do it all on one visit, and a return trip need in no way repeal: previous experiences. Even on one vacation it is possible to combine very different kinds of holidays with, for example, a tour of historical sites followed by a relaxing week's stay at a beach resort.

If business is to be mixed with pleasure, nowhere could be better than Thailand, where meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions are all well catered far. Venues for gatherings of all sires are available in a variety of settings, not only in Bangkok but also in all major destinations around the country, while the convenience of sheer space is fully matched by professional planning" expert catering and all support equipment.

If any proof is needed of Thailand's standing as a favoured MICE choice,
know that in 2008 the Kingdom will host the world'sbiggest convention when more than 30,000 delegates of Lions Clubs International will gather for their annual caucus.

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Bangkok voted world's best city

Bangkok is the world's best city and the Galapagos are the best islands, according to an online survey by Travel and Leisure magazine.

Bangkok moved to the top of the list for the first time, replacing last year's winner Florence, which fell to number five, while the Galapagos Islands replaced Bali at the top of the best islands category.

Other winners in the yearly poll included Singapore Airlines as best airline, while best hotel went to the Singita Sabi Sand and Kruger National Park lodges.

The results were compiled from votes cast by subscribers over a three month period. A special awards ceremony for each category winner will follow on 24th July in New York.

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