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Holiday in Thailand


Scuba Diving in Thailand
Scuba diving is Thailand's most popular water sport and the country boosts some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world - the water is clear, sea life plentiful, transport and accommodation readily available and instruction to a very high standard. Read more >>>

Trekking in Thailand
Trekking is one of the most popular outdoor activities enjoyed by visitors of all ages. While trekking you can soothe your mind and spirit in the fresh air and stunning scenery of Thailand's undiscovered wilds, and get a comprehensive
aerobic workout at the same time. Treks can range from a single day's light excursion to physically challenging adventures of a week or more. Read more >>>

Elephant Trekking in Thailand


Hilltribe Trekking in thailand
In northern Thailand, there are ten different tribes of hill people. The Karen are by far the most numerous and they're easy-going and friendly Many of the Hmong people live in Chiang Mai near the mountain peaks. The most remote of the hilltribe people are the Akha, who still practise shifting cultivation. Trekking is one way to learn about their lifestyles and traditions. Read more >>>

Whitewater Rafting in Thailand
Rafting is fast gaining popularity among the young and young-at-heart. The mountainous regions of the North are the natural venue for whitewater rafting, especially after the rains from June to October when the rivers swell with floodwater. But first-class rafting is also to be found in the northern reaches of the central region. Read more >>>

Mountain Biking in Thailand
Mountain biking is a sport increasing in popularity in Thailand, both among Thais and young international tourists. It is an ideal means of touring Thailand's spectacular natural environment; safe, cheap and fun, and environmentally green. Mountain biking in Thailand is a blend of high-grade exercise and natural, cultural and historical discovery. Read more >>>

Rock Climbing in Thailand
Rock climbing in Thailand is practised wherever there are rocks - and even some places where there are not. Read more >>>


Sailing in Thailand
Sailing is a timeless pleasure and it is also the perfect way to enjoy Thailand's marine treasures and is environmentally sound too. Trips can be as relaxing or demanding as you want. You can charter a crewed yacht and lay back as you sail away; or if you are a more experienced sailor, charter a bareboat yacht and have the excitement, challenge and rewards of sailing it yourself. Read more >>>

Fishing in Thailand
Thailand has some of the most exciting gamefishing sites in Asia especially along the Andaman seacoast of Phuket and Krabi provinces. Marlin, sailfish, tuna, huge garoupa and every kind of shark imaginable are a boat ride from shore. Phang-nga Bay plays host to some of the most rare species of aquatic life in the world, including the rare swimming iguana. Read more >>>

Jet-Skiing in Thailand
Jet-skiing has been taken up with enthusiasm all over Thailand with jet­skis available for hire at all major beaches in Thailand - Samui, Phuket, Pattaya, Samet and Krabi. Read more>>>

Wakeboarding in Thailand
The extreme sport of wakeboarding, a cross between water-skiing and snowboarding, is about speed, colour and adrenaline. It is the latest extreme sport to take the beach scene by storm. Read more >>>



Canoeing & Kayaking in Thailand
Sea canoeing is the ecotourist activity par excellence, and proves the benefit of the natural approach. The quiet of this mode of tourism heightens your sense of awareness, and wildlife is not scared by your silent approach. Read more>>>

Windsurfing in Thailand
Windsurfing has become one of Thailand's most popular water sports in the last two decades, and it is practised all over Thailand's beaches. Windsurfing is not only exhilarating and an excellent way to get fit, it is also quiet, non-polluting and environmentally friendly. It is a sport that requires dexterity and coordination and also strength. Read more >>>

Drive Holidays in Thailand
With one of the best roads systems in Southeast Asia, Thailand is quickly gaining a reputation as an outstanding fly-drive destination. The possibilities for this increasingly popular activity are almost endless, with modern highways connecting all major Thai cities and generally well-maintained secondary roads reaching into the remotest corners of a country the size of France or Spain.
Read more>>

Golfing in Thailand
Golf is one of the most popular sports in Thailand. The game arrived in the country a century ago and was quickly taken up by the elite and the fashionable. Among the first sponsors of the game were the armed forces and government institutions, which built and continue to own some of the finest courses in the country. Read more>>

Nature Study in Thailand
Thailand's national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are some of the best and most extensive in Southeast Asia, and although abundant wildlife is found everywhere in the kingdom, they are the best places to see rare and protected species. Almost all parks have on-site accommodation and food, trails of varying levels of difficulty, and many organise trips, recreational and educational activities. Read more>>

Adventure with the Army in Thailand
The Royal Thai Army has opened up its hitherto off­limits training camps to visitors, offering both sporting activities such as riding, golf, and sharp-shooting, and adventurous activities modelled on military basis training. Read more>>

Bird-watching in Thailand
Thailand has 96 national parks, 100 wildlife and non-hunting sanctuaries and 65 forest parks, which together make up a full 13 percent of land area. The park system, managed by the Royal Forestry Department, provides the visitor with easy access to the country's nature reserves, from the mountain pine forests of the North to the southern rainforests to the spectacular coral and marine life off both coasts. Read more>>

Butterfly-watching in Thailand
In the forests, whether the mountainous evergreen or lowland deciduous, Thailand's wealth of flora and flowering trees calls forth an astonishing abundance of butterflies. Read more>>

Star-gazing in Thailand
For visitors, star-gazing in Thailand can be a revelation. Astronomy is one of the kingdom's favourite pastimes, brought to the country from Europe by one of its greatest kings, King Rama IV, or King Mongkut. The revered monarch was so enthused with this new knowledge that he ordered an observatory built at his hilltop palace in Phetchaburi Province. He quickly became adept and predicted a total solar eclipse near Prachuab Khiri Khan on August 18, 1868. Read more>>





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