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MICE: The Place to Meet in Thailand



Every year growing numbers of travellers discover Thailand is a fun place to visit. In 2001 the number topped 10 million, an increase of 5.82% over 2000. While only about 5% of these visitors represent the MICE market, that too is showing remarkable growth.

Why are so many MICE delegates focusing on Thailand? Because it is an exotic, hospitable and friendly destination, with a growing reputation for hosting exciting, well-run and successful MICE events. Most importantly, they come because Thailand offers a vastly different and enjoyable experience.

With the advent of five international standard convention centers, superb hotel accommodation with their own meeting facilities, plus a growing number of experienced PCOs, event organisers and DMCs, Thailand is becoming an attractive meeting and conference destination. The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) currently ranks Bangkok 23rd and Chiang Mai 75th most popular destinations for international meetings.

Incentive travelers, on the other hand, find the excitement and surprises they crave for a memorable experience – from pristine beaches and tropical islands, to dense jungles, elephant treks and soft adventure, plus myriad theme dinner opportunities in the most unusual places.

If that’s not enough to entice you, here's 10 extra good reasons why you should bring your MICE event to Thailand:

  • Access - Bangkok is a regional aviation hub, served by 60 international airlines on a daily basis. Wherever you are in the world, it is easy to get here.
    Accommodation - A superb range of hotels and resorts at the major MICE destinations of Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Hua Hin, with service and room rates that are hard to beat.
  • Activities - A never-ending array of social activities from visiting temples and palaces, jungle trekking on elephants, luxury spa programs to stunning theme dinners in old houses, on beaches, or among World Heritage ruins.
  • Cuisine - Marvellous Thai food, tropical fruit, and many international cuisines are a big plus for conference banquets, theme dinners and other dining options.
    Culture - A unique blend of art, music and dance, of temples and palaces, or friendly people and ethnic hilltribes, means wherever you go in the Kingdom you enjoy a quintessential Thai experience.
  • Destinations - So much exotic scenery for pre and post tours, from tropical beaches and islands to jungle treks, amazing Khmer ruins, and hilltribe villages.
    Hospitality - Thai hospitality is legendary. Service is always friendly, with that unique Thai smile and grace.
  • Professionalism - Staff working in the MICE industry have considerable experience at staging well-organised, stylish and popular events.
    Safety – Thailand is a politically stable, Buddhist nation where peace and friendliness are a way of life, and guests enjoy a safe and enjoyable visit.
    Shopping - Bangkok is the shopping center of Asia, with brand name goods, designer labels, high quality jewelry and inimitable silks, all at highly competitive prices. While northern Chiang Mai is the undisputed center for remarkable handicrafts.

Most importantly of all, Thailand offers great value for money, from deluxe hotel rooms at discounted rates to inexpensive dining, transport and shopping. Your MICE budget will certainly go a very long way.






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