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Renting Apartment and Condo in Thailand.


 "Location, Location, Location" This may be a real estate cliche, but no truer words have been spoken when it comes to finding your next home in Bangkok. Because of the high traffic congestion, a labyrinth of one way and dead end streets, location is of paramount importance to quality of life in your new abode. Choosing the wrong side of a boulevard can turn a 20-minute commute into a 2-hour trek. When house hunting, be sure consult with a few trusted sources, about access routes in and out of your home to the key places that you will need to travel, such as work, schools and shopping. Surface transportation of all kinds are highly congested, luckily in 2000 Bangkok opened an elevated Sky Train mass transit system. This modern, safe and clean means of transportation should be a key consideration for family members who do not need a car for commuting.


Of course there are many factors that you should consider in selecting a home, such as security, facilities, maintenance, proximity to work and schools, and budget.

Generally speaking Bangkok is a very safe city. The rate of violent crime is relatively low. Foreigners should stick to housing in the expat areas that are very safe. While it may be charming to want to experience the "real Thai" lifestyle, you may be making yourself and your family a target to thieves and burglars. Remember that your weekend entertainment budget may be equal to a month's wages to the local people. Blending in can be quite difficult and is best left to those veteran expats.

There are many condos and apartment buildings in Bangkok suitable for the expat family. Housing compounds offer single homes in a secure environment.

Houses in the city are harder to find but can offer a unique and personal living environment. Town houses can also be found for rent. One thing to keep in mind, besides location, is the maintenance of the building. In the 1980's and early 1990's many building were erected in a building boon. Many of these have fallen to financial difficulties and may be deceivingly attractively priced, but lack adequate maintenance and service staff.

How do you find an apartment or home in Bangkok? Unless your company has dedicated housing staff or corporate housing, one of the best ways to find your new home is by using the services of Real Estate companies specializing in rental property location services. Often these companies offer their services free of charge, collecting finder fees from landlords. The advantage of using such agents is that they know the marketplace, the traffic conditions, the market prices, the local language and customs. They can help you sort through the large housing market, to find the best alternatives which suite your needs. Of course, not all agencies are of the same caliber. You should look for one that is independent, who shows you a cross section of the market, not just properties managed by their company. Also consider, their communication and language skills, their resources, and their existing client base.

Bangkok is a marvelous city full of sights, sounds and smells. You new home will be your sanctuary and haven in this vibrant city. Making the right choice of living locations is key to your life experience in of The City of Angles.


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