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In 2002, Bangkok will celebrate 220 years as the nation's capital, a milestone that coincides with the opening of the city's first subway system. These two facts, the venerable age of Bangkok and the ongoing advance of modern developĀ­ment, epitomise a duality that characterises the city. It both preserves the old with respect and embraces the new with enthusiasm. Read more...

Central & East Coast
Central and eastern Thailand consists of 26 provinces, including the capital, Bangkok. Geographically, this is Thailand's heartland, from Lop Buri in the north covering the great rice bowl of the Central Plains surrounding the Chao Phraya River, and turning down the east and west coasts of the upper Gulf of Thailand. This is Thailand's most fertile farming area, home to orchards, paddy fields and plantations. Read more..

Northern Region
The North's 17provinces comprise two distinct areas: the wide plains of the lower north from Nakhon Sawan up to Sukhothai, leading into the mountainĀ­ous upper north that has long borders with Myanmar and Laos. The great mountains along both borders produce breathtaking scenery, waterfalls, fast rivers perfect forrafting, and are home to many ethnic peoples. Read more...

Northeastern Resion
With 19 provinces, the huge northeastern plateau occupies almost one third of Thailand. It is bordered to the north by the Mekong River, separating Thailand from Laos, and to the south by the Dong Rek Mountains along the boundary with Cambodia. Read more...

Southern Region
The South's 14 provinces stretch along the narrow peninsula of Thailand from Chumphon to the Malaysian border, 1,200 kilometres from Bangkok. Its long coastline ofgolden beaches and islands, with a rugged hinterland of mountains and forests, is of two characters. The east coast, facing the Gulf of Thailand, is softer with long wide bays andgentle seas; the Andaman Sea coast is more rugged and exciting, with stunning islands, limestone rock formations and cliffs. Read more...






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